News December – Do we want to become 21st century leaders?

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Global leaders, pro leaders… ¡it is time to update! As stated by Rosalinde Torres in this TED video, traditional leadership remains focused on the world it was not in the world that is coming. And for those who rather rest on their laurels, Rosalinde makes it clear that traditional assessments give false positives and generate a dangerous feeling of tranquility. … Read More

News September – The Power of Simplicity · Jack Trout

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For this post we’re going to take a look at a book which, despite its focus on marketing, is actually an extremely useful tool for managers in their professional role and individuals in their personal lives: Jack Trout’s ‘The Power of Simplicity’. In it the author drives home the message that “Less is more”. In the business world, leaders can … Read More

News August – The innovators · Walter Isaacson

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Aaaaahh, Mr. Isaacson, how well you write! This is undoubtedly an exciting, well-written and inspiring book for readers interested in innovation, but also for anyone whose curiosity is piqued by learning about the tireless innovators who make our lives better, even if they don’t think innovation is “their thing”. While the book focuses on key players who made pivotal breakthroughs … Read More

News July – Hopscotch · Julio Cortázar

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Hopscotch, a novel or “anti-novel” by Julio Cortázar, was published in the summer of 1963. Now, 54 summers later, we propose revisiting this innovative book. Written in an innovative format, the author forces the reader to make a decision: choose one of four possible paths through the narrative, each with its own internal order: “Normal”, reading progressively from beginning to … Read More