News December – Do we want to become 21st century leaders?

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Global leaders, pro leaders… ¡it is time to update! As stated by Rosalinde Torres in this TED video, traditional leadership remains focused on the world it was not in the world that is coming. And for those who rather rest on their laurels, Rosalinde makes it clear that traditional assessments give false positives and generate a dangerous feeling of tranquility. … Read More

News June – The sources of creativity

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What is creativity? Where and how is it generated? What is its starting point? In the video that we present today, Kirby Ferguson shows us several examples of songs and products that have become very popular and delves into their conception. The conclusions are surprising, and we would also say that they are encouraging, because the creation process presented may … Read More

News May – Attitudes and prejudices

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Reality does not exist. There are facts that we interpret with our values and filters, and these interpretations condition us in such a way that they can lead us, even, to euphoria or depression, to the most absolute success or failure. Phil Hansen wanted to be an artist, but he had a slight (perhaps not so slight) physical dysfunction that … Read More

News April – What can we learn from children?

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It is a delight to listen to Adora Svitak describing the adults. In less than 8 ‘, Adora shares with us from her young eyes and with great clarity and aplomb, various reflections that should make us rethink certain ways of acting. We will agree that there are many similarities between children and geniuses. For example, both groups are extremely … Read More

News March – Who or what makes a person a leader?

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There is a lot of literature, science and wisdom about leadership. Authors such as Blanchard, Christensen, Drucker, Hamel and many others, have shared with us the keys to leadership, the different styles and the varied applications. However, Derek Sivers brings us to the very beginning. To ask ourselves what, or better, who makes a person a leader. Very briefly and … Read More

News January – Need sparks innovation

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We start our 2018 news with this video of which we want to highlight two aspects: The first, that innovation has no age. Any of us, regardless of age, regardless of social class, wherever we live, is a potential innovator. That need is one of the most powerful sources of creativity and innovation. Richard is not more than a child, … Read More