December. Living in the present

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Talking about the management of time always conceals something chimerical, something impossible. We all know fantastic theories and solutions, but the enemy that we face is vast, colossal: our management of time. Hence, we find the approach of Santiago Alvarez de Mon appealing, in the video we present this month in conjunction with THD. To speak about satisfactory time management, … Read More

MARCH. Innovation Activist

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For each innovative action, there are thousand articles written on the subject. The reason is that Innovation is not yet a developed discipline, like Marketing, Quality or Chemistry. Therefore, many people feel entitled to talk about it and – consequently – still more people feel confused when taking action because there is no proven successful approach. When we feel bad, … Read More

FEBRUARY. 5 Steps to Build an Innovation Sandbox

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There is a lot of evidence that the Culture of Innovation (innovative behaviors) is the primary driver of innovation in most corporations. Corporate leaders are the foundation, since the way people behave is a reflection of the leaders’ behavior. The challenge is how the leaders can build and manage such a culture, especially if starting without a well established history. … Read More