Price or Value, you decide …

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Now more than ever, a company cannot survive if it does not provide VALUE to their customers. What customers want and buy is not the product itself, but the benefits it offers, meaning to say the PERCEIVED VALUE. In a mature market there are few differences, and must constantly develop to achieve differentiation from competitors To understand what is the … Read More

Innovation? Do not get confused

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During the last years, many people have used the word Innovation, in many cases with no particular reason. This overuse of the term seems to have converted it on a label that guarantees the success of any proposal to be sold to a customer, consumer or even the top management of a company. That is why we would like to … Read More

Creativity and innovation

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Today’s competitiveness is based on innovation. This is the ability to surprise the markets with different products and technologies. This is also coming up with renewed internal processes that revolutionize industries and establish new rules. Innovation is the key to the survival in a global world and excessively rapid technological cycles. It is always a good time for innovation. Computer … Read More

Why must we innovate?

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Innovation can be defined as the process to effectively launch certain products, processes or services into the market, hence in social life, based on new knowledge or a new combination of existing knowledge. The answer to the question may seem difficult, but is actually be very simple. We must innovate to improve. Innovation enables both individuals and enterprises to interact … Read More

The Leader In Innovation

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Innovation and Leadership are certainly two concepts closely related in our minds, but is the leader expected to innovate or she supposed to create innovation environments? Innovation requires a group of people working collaboratively in a space where trust and fluent communication allow to create value and solutions to improve our day to day.

Customers are emotional beings

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What if our company closed tomorrow? Could our customers live without us? Would they miss us? To stay in the market, it is essential to have a portfolio of satisfied and loyal customers. The loyal customer supports the increase of our company sales and the reduction of marketing costs to attract new customers while strengthening our current positioning.

What does the market think about us?

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We tend to think that an excellent product and service offer will make us successful. This is neither true nor false. There is no doubt that an excellent market perception of our products and services will give us a strong competitive position. However, looking around for recent history we will understand this is not enough.

Albert Einstein : “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

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Building a consensus for an unambiguous and easy to understand definition of innovation has not yet been possible. We mean the systematic practice of innovation, applied to the market and business in which the company operates and competes, under the premise of consolidating their differentiation and adding value to its customers, employees and shareholders. Widely known are the words from … Read More