Innovation Is Just A Step Away

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Innovation requires change. Changing the world is an empowering vision for many people and companies. How many of us however are ready to accept this may require changing ourselves first? One single step can be a life changing experience. It can happen anywhere at any point in time of life. There is no need to penetrate the wild forest, travel … Read More

SEPTEMBER. Lean Project Management: Processes – Initial Meeting & Release Planning

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When we talk about LPM processes we refer to the different management tasks stipulated and the times or cycles that must occur throughout the project. At this point it is important to highlight that we will be working in cycles. At the end of each cycle, there must be a deliverable for the client to validate. Working in cycles makes … Read More

Interview with Jay Rao, Ph.D Professor, author, consultant Babson College

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Dr. Rao teaches extensively in the Babson Executive Education programs. He teaches and consults in the areas of innovation, the implementation of innovation initiatives within firms, corporate entrepreneurship, and customer experience innovation. His research has appeared in The Sloan Management Review, The European Financial Review, IESE Insight, and the Journal of Innovative Management among others. Jay recently co-authored The Discipline … Read More