News April – What can we learn from children?

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It is a delight to listen to Adora Svitak describing the adults. In less than 8 ‘, Adora shares with us from her young eyes and with great clarity and aplomb, various reflections that should make us rethink certain ways of acting. We will agree that there are many similarities between children and geniuses. For example, both groups are extremely … Read More

August – Question 7 – What is the leadership style that encourages innovation?

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Rake and Spade Dig. Remove. Rake. Tidy. Let’s get to work. Action. Effort. The enjoyment of transforming our environment. Toiling to make what we have imagined become real, only to see that it’s not exactly what we wanted… but that’s okay too. It’s our work. The result of our effort. And if we are still not satisfied… start again. Dig. … Read More

JANUARY – 9 questions leading to Innovation

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Enclosure for the Sandbox Imagine an invulnerable place, either physical or imaginary. An invulnerable place where neither rules or hierarchies or lifelong preconceived ideas can enter. A clean, empty place where the upside-down world fits; where disruption, madness and innovation are possible. A place which is invulnerable yet open to the four winds; a place where everyone fits. If we … Read More

December. Living in the present

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Talking about the management of time always conceals something chimerical, something impossible. We all know fantastic theories and solutions, but the enemy that we face is vast, colossal: our management of time. Hence, we find the approach of Santiago Alvarez de Mon appealing, in the video we present this month in conjunction with THD. To speak about satisfactory time management, … Read More

NOVEMBER. Heroes before challenge

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The Innovation world coexists day by day with the challenge, the change. In fact, as we all know, these are inescapable features of innovation as an intrinsic part of it. Do we feel uncomfortable before the challenge? Do we feel distressed about it? Pilar Jericó –in this month video introduced by THD– encourages us to understand that all people follow … Read More

OCTOBER. For a Smart Company

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In the video that THD shares this month, José Antonio Marina asked himself about the intelligence and tells us about his research on how the mechanisms of creativity work. He concludes that the mechanisms of creativity follow a single scheme, and that this is the same whether to create a work of art, to invent techniques to innovate or to … Read More

SEPTEMBER. How to Lead Innovation today

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The leadership of the late twentieth century was based on the ability to envision the future and take the organization or the team to achieve this vision. Today, in VUCA world, visions and visionaries no longer work. This is what tells us Professor Jay Rao in the video which originates this news -courtesy of THD and available here during October. … Read More

AUGUST. The Motivation of the Leader

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A leader is used to the solitude. Although he is constantly surrounded by a good team and trusted partners at the end of the day the Leader feels alone. He is the soul, the power generator, but … Who motivates the leader? How can motivate the leader? The fact the leading source of motivation is in itself, in these specific … Read More