Third edition of our book released in India!

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Dear friends,

We are happy to announce that we have published a third edition of our book about the culture of innovation, authored by Jay Rao and Fran Chuan. The Spanish was the first one to be released, followed by the American, and now we have its Indian version, called “The Discipline & Culture of Innovation. A Socratic Journey”.

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It was presented in the Indian Technology Congress held this summer in Karnataka, one of the most prominent states in India that has proved itself to become a national hub for technology and research.

We are very grateful for the support received by the publisher, the National Design and Research Forum (NDRF) of the Institution of Engineers (India), that provides a national platform for engineers, scientists and technocrats for the discussion of design and research in the context of current issues of the nation. The Institution of Engineers, founded in 1935, is today a multidisciplinary nation-wide association having the largest body of its kind in the whole of Asia with multinational statutes and bilateral relations with many sister associations around the world. This Institution functions amongst the engineers, academicians and research workers and provides a vast array of technical, professional and support services to the government, industries, academic and the engineering community.

“The Discipline & Culture of Innovation. A Socratic Journey” is a very special edition for us, as it is a great opportunity to introduce the concept of innovation culture to Indian and Asian organizations. An innovative culture can lead to a paradigm shift and it can also change people’s behavior, which altogether can clearly improve business results.

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