JULY – Question 6 – What are our weaknesses?

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Ball Elusive and unstable…the ball challenges us with its simple appearance and unpredictable nature. An element of sobriety: a simple, smooth and unwrinkled surface, with no ridges, corners or sides. And despite this, our solid bubble hides a wealth of possibilities. It escapes with ease, and then returns. A simple gust of wind and change its destiny. How can we … Read More

JUNE – Question 5 – What are our strengths?

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Watering can It contains and releases the water which is our fascination. That which drains away, evaporates, dries up… Fast acting and short-lived, but in passing has the capacity to cause great changes: it allows us to shape the sand it wets, change the color of our dusty skin, chase off unwanted playmates; it refreshes us or cools us…And one … Read More

MAY – Question 4 – How do we innovate?

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  Lego Pieces What attracts us so much about these smooth textured brightly colored pieces? It’s because as soon as we see them our imagination takes the initiative and drives us to devise models that take shape as we join one piece with another, combine one color with another; imagination and the pieces, and, above all, the implied invitation to … Read More

APRIL – Question 3 – Why innovate?

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Dump Truck Why fill the bucket with sand if you can load it on to the dump truck and move it by pushing it on its wheels? We enjoy the feeling of seeing all that weight being moved thanks to such a simple and basic invention as wheels. Something simple and basic that someone had to invent. How many wheels … Read More

MARCH. Question 2 – What is Innovation?

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 Moulds for figures Sand is sand: a universal material, the same for everyone. Moulds allow us to create different shapes from this common and shared material. Our moulds can be these popular ones… or they may be unique and personalized and allow us to obtain our own results from such a common material as sand. Who chooses the moulds? What … Read More

JANUARY – 9 questions leading to Innovation

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Enclosure for the Sandbox Imagine an invulnerable place, either physical or imaginary. An invulnerable place where neither rules or hierarchies or lifelong preconceived ideas can enter. A clean, empty place where the upside-down world fits; where disruption, madness and innovation are possible. A place which is invulnerable yet open to the four winds; a place where everyone fits. If we … Read More

December. Living in the present

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Talking about the management of time always conceals something chimerical, something impossible. We all know fantastic theories and solutions, but the enemy that we face is vast, colossal: our management of time. Hence, we find the approach of Santiago Alvarez de Mon appealing, in the video we present this month in conjunction with THD. To speak about satisfactory time management, … Read More

NOVEMBER. Heroes before challenge

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The Innovation world coexists day by day with the challenge, the change. In fact, as we all know, these are inescapable features of innovation as an intrinsic part of it. Do we feel uncomfortable before the challenge? Do we feel distressed about it? Pilar Jericó –in this month video introduced by THD– encourages us to understand that all people follow … Read More

OCTOBER. For a Smart Company

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In the video that THD shares this month, José Antonio Marina asked himself about the intelligence and tells us about his research on how the mechanisms of creativity work. He concludes that the mechanisms of creativity follow a single scheme, and that this is the same whether to create a work of art, to invent techniques to innovate or to … Read More