AUGUST. Lean Project Management: Kanban Board & Burndown Chart

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At this point in time during summer in the hot Spain, we should be enjoying icy drinks instead of talking about burn downs, but you already know what is our preferred recipe to manage innovation: discipline, discipline and discipline. Therefore we continue with our LPM series and its “burning” artifacts.

First of all, and after talking in our July news edition about the artifacts available to assign tasks to the team members, we introduce now the Kanban Board. This board allows us to visualize the status of the tasks throughout the time of a Sprint.


It is a board –either a classic one hanging on the wall, or something more modern like a software tool in the “cloud” to allow us to share the Kanban from the distance– split in columns that show the status of the different tasks, for example “planned”, “in progress”, “finished”, “validated”.

We use a “post it” for each task that will change from column to column as it progresses in the execution. At the beginning of the Sprint –the Sprint Planning Meeting– all the tasks will be in the “planned” column.

It is a very visual way to know and share where the Sprint stands at each point in time.

There is one more artifact to help us track down the progress of a project. It is the Burndown Chart. This is a graphic visual tool to show the rhythm of the project progress.

To do so, we focus on the time required to perform the pending tasks. It is worth noting than in LPM we always look forward without losing track of our objective: what remains to be done?, where are we going?, what is our goal?

It may be seen just as a little detail, as we can of course see as well all that has been done up to this date. However, many times these nuances build the attitudes that make the difference.

Even though it may sound as a truism, we will insist on the point that LPM always looks forward.

This is the last newsletter talking about artifacts. You hopefully agree with us we are left with a very simple tool box: Product & Sprint Backlogs to list the tasks, Planning Poker & Chronometer to assign them, and Kanban Board & Burndown Chart to follow them up.

After these simple and nice Artifacts plus the Roles we saw previously, in September we will move on with the Processes or phases that will take us to a happy end of our projects. Let’s keep going! We are almost there.

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