April. The role of the Leader

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Yes, it is important to discuss about the role of Leaders. And it is because their mission within the company is crucial. Both their mission and the way they do, how they manage time and resources, the way they relate to people and how to inspire them to accompanying the Leader in his task…

But today we do not want to talk about the Leaders and how much we all expect from them. Today we just leave a gift for the Leader.

There are some ideas that we think are of vital reflection for anyone who has before it the challenge of managing people, and -oddly- are not big theories or heavy reflections on technical innovation mechanisms or companies.

Today we ask for 15 minutes off for you to enjoy Ken Robinson and his speech about talent, learning, passion, ballast that can make our common sense, the concept of fast food…



Bring on the learning revolution




Leaders, every day your collaborators put their dreams under your feet. Please tread carefully.


We remind you that this month you will find on our website a new video of Thinking Heads Digital friends. Thank you for sharing knowledge with all of us!

Joaquin Lorente – You want good answers? Make yourself magnificent questions.

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