In which kind of company are you working?

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A plant (a vegetal, not a manufacturing production facility) gives seeds in spring, fruits in summer, drops the leaves in autumn, and hibernates to experience a new birth next spring. The roots and the DNA dictate its next repetitive cycle with the same kind of leaves, fruits and seeds. A plant with deep roots will survive and grow in adverse weather conditions during a long time. A plant with shallow roots will dry if these conditions are not benign.

A newborn animal gets fed, grows, cross-fertilizes, reaches a state of maturity and dies. The cross fertilization requires the contribution of two different DNA’s, with so many possibilities of crossing that all animals born in the next cycle are different. Humans belong here, but they also have the power to create their own destiny.

Companies as well, but moreover they can last much longer than any of their employees, renewing themselves to continue new growth cycles until they eventually die. The companies adaptable to change survive. The companies creating the change prevail.

Are you working in an animal or in a vegetal company?

Agustín Ramos

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