The 3 self-deceptions and the 3 corrective actions

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Many times our beliefs restrict us. Sometimes, what we know puts limits to what we can know or imagine.


Particularly, there are three self-deceptions that notably limit us in our day-to-day business activity: 

1. Reality does not exist.

Everything that occurs around us is interpreted. And these interpretations are the ones that make us live, experiment or react in one way or another.

In this regard, we have hundreds of examples. We only have to open at random any newspaper. The same news (political, religious or sports) is narrated differently depending on the newspaper. And we, according to our values and other factors, will or not agree.

Nevertheless, if we are able to observe the fact in an aseptic way, this same fact will lead us to reflections and actions applicable to our day-to-day that can turn out being very useful.

2. The future is not defined.

The future is a time to come and what will occur on that time will depend on us. It is because of this that we can state that the future is constructed, in a way in which we have the influence to make it more beneficial.

We can put more or less ambition to this “future construction”. We can think about creating the best product/service of the world or we can enclose our ambition in order to create a particular working environment in our area of influence.

3. Innovation is not an aim.

Too often we listen people talking about innovation as an asset that we need to get. In fact, the mistake is that many times we do not see it as a consequence. Innovation, as many other things that cannot be bought –happiness, for instance–, depends on our thoughts (mindset) and on our conducts (behavior).

We will not get tired of saying that ERVERYONE is creative and innovative. But we need to be confident and go into action. We need to unlearn in order to learn. We need to be modest in order to add. We need to be ambitious in order to inspire.

Fran Chuán

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