(2/10) Innovation is no more than releasing human potential

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As we highlight in our book Innovación 2.0, to innovate we need to think about people, so they are who can offer to a company its real potential. Trough years of experience, in Dícere we have detected that many organizations transform their employees into mere productive beings, to the extent that they forget all their other latent abilities. In other words, many employees have an untapped and wasted potential.

EL VIAJE©‘s goal is to provide companies with a culture of innovation, because it’s the only way in which diverse and multiple capacities can be released. From a productive employee we can get an entrepreneur employee and, from him, innovative initiatives that will lead the company to better results; a synergic and sustainable productive potential.


EL VIAJE©, a business project that requires dedication and compromise and that helps enriching people at personal and organization levels, is based in six phases: assess, sensitize, educate, practice, achieve and sustain. Shortly we will start sharpening them all. Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to ask or comment; this is all about people, so with people we want to keep communicating.

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